NIEHOFF at wire 2024 in Düsseldorf

NIEHOFF at wire 2024 in Düsseldorf

15 – 19 April 2024, booth 10D22

NIEHOFF innovations at wire 2024:

  • Rod breakdown line type MSM 88 +
    world first R 503
  • Multiwire drawing line type MMH 132 + RM 162
  • NPS Spooler type SV 403 D
  • Bobbin winder type SMB
  • NIEHOFF LifeCycle+

Also on display:

  • Rotary braiding machine type BMV 16
  • Lead extruder type LEH by HFSAB
  • Double twist stranding machine D 2002
    in Nymburk, Czech Republic
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Niehoff Magazine – Issue 1/2024

Niehoff Magazine 1/2024 has been published!

Highlights include:

  • The new generation of RBD lines:
    MSM 88 + R 503 shown in the Innovation Cube
    Strong performance with huge savings in energy costs and
    enormous CO2 emissions
  • Multiwire drawing with top production output and
    maximum energy efficiency
    NIEHOFF multiwire drawing line type MMH 132 + RM 162
  • 2400 m/min high-speed spooling of automotive wires
    The new NPS double spooler type SV 403 D
  • NIEHOFF braiding: highly efficient and precise
    The BMV 16 type rotary braiding machine
  • Fast ...
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Niehoff Magazine – Issue 1/2021

Niehoff Magazine 1/2021 has been published.

Highlights include:

  • Sustainable manufacturing solutions
    NIEHOFF will have a D 632 double twist
    buncher on display at wire Russia 2021
  • Competent – reliable – on the spot
    NIEHOFF on the Russian and the CIS marke
  •  Produce wires for power transmission
    lines efficiently
    The new continuous resistance annealer
    type R 562
  • Y
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Reconstructing, modernizing, upgrading and generally overhauling of NIEHOFF-machinery.

Machines made by NIEHOFF are renowned for high quality, top
performance, long lifetime and durability by the expert industries.
Therefore, our machines have always been well worth being overhauled and
put to a state-of-the-art condition by our NIEHOFF specialists even
after many years of operation.

NIEHOFF offers the following reconditioning measures:

  1. Changeover from S5 to S7-1500 control for all machine types
    (optionally upgrading all drives to modern AC technology, bearing up to
    15% energy-saving potential).
    Sudden failure of S5 controllers and modules ...
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