NIEHOFF key message and the NIEHOFF promise

NIEHOFF key message
We provide the basis for your crucial competitive edge 

 With outstanding expertise in all aspects of wire and cable manufacturing coupled with a comprehensive knowledge covering the entire length of our customers’ value-creation chain, NIEHOFF offers innovative and tailored detailed concepts or complete solutions – of a consistently excellent technical standard.

Conceptual and physical proximity to our customers is a unique combination. NIEHOFF uses this combination and understands the requirements of each customer through and through. For our customers this results in the generation of more potential for business and custom-tailored solutions for lasting success against the competition.

NIEHOFF offers customers reliable service throughout the lifetime of their investment. With in-house knowledge of design engineering, fast response and professional support, NIEHOFF looks after its customers and provides the basis for successful partnerships – throughout the lifetime of a machine.

NIEHOFF key message: Expertise, Customer Driven, Service – in good hands with NIEHOFF


The NIEHOFF promise

We at NIEHOFF believe in technology and experience. In technological excellence, in-house knowledge of design engineering and continuous innovation. It comes with every product and service we supply. But we combine our technological expertise – our skills – with the values of customer proximity and a service-based approach. And it is precisely this combination that makes a crucial difference for you. For that key competitive advantage. With expertise, we convince. With customer proximity, we create trust. And with our service, we provide care – for the entire lifetime of a machine. 

So that you can concentrate on what really matters. With us you can be sure of being on the safe side when it comes to cable and wire manufacturing.