Niehoff Magazine – Issue 1/2024

Niehoff Magazine 1/2024 has been published!

Highlights include:

  • The new generation of RBD lines:
    MSM 88 + R 503 shown in the Innovation Cube
    Strong performance with huge savings in energy costs and
    enormous CO2 emissions
  • Multiwire drawing with top production output and
    maximum energy efficiency
    NIEHOFF multiwire drawing line type MMH 132 + RM 162
  • 2400 m/min high-speed spooling of automotive wires
    The new NPS double spooler type SV 403 D
  • NIEHOFF braiding: highly efficient and precise
    The BMV 16 type rotary braiding machine
  • Fast and perfect winding of braiding bobbins
    The new SMB type rewinding machine
  • Into a high-performance future with NIEHOFF LifeCycle+
    NIEHOFF presents its extended service concept
  • Generating lead cable sheathings
    Innovations from the lead extruder specialist HFSAB
  • Efficient stranding of larger power cables
    The double twist stranding machine type D 2002
  • Demand for electricity is growing everywhere
    in the world
    Global perspectives for the wire and cable industry
  • Strong and sustainable
    The wire and cable manufacturer Southwire Company,
    LLC, Carrollton, GA, USA
  • Speed and flexibility are paramount
    Interview with Kyle Senk, copper and copper alloy conductor
    manufacturer Accel International, Meriden, CT, USA
  • We need to understand the overall system
    Interview with Markus Thoma, LEONI Kabel GmbH,
    Roth, Germany
  • Increase in productivity of a good 80%
    Interview with Jakub Siemiński, Tele-Fonika Kable S.A., Poland
  • Sustainability in the supply-chain of the
    NF Wire industry
    The NF Wire Forum 2023

And much more!

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